Law Office Roger Kamps

Legal form

Self-employed, professional activity



Roger Kamps

Gabriele-Münter-Str. 22, 51375 Leverkusen

Tel. +49-214-89 09 255, Fax +49-214-89 09 256


Bank details: Sparkasse Leverkusen

IBAN: DE28 3755 1440 0200 1265 55



Title of occupation

Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)

Legally recognized titles of occupations are granted in the Federal Republic of Germany.


Supervisory authorities/Membership in professional chambers

Rechtsanwaltskammer Köln, Riehler Straße 30, 50668 Cologne - Germany

Membership number: 34333


Professional rules

Legal counselling: BRAO, BORA, FAO, RVG, EC law regulating the legal profession.

Relevant provisions can be accessed at (in German language).